Monday, May 31, 2010

The vicious arrogant stupidity of Zionist Israel

Early reports said at least 2 people killed; a couple of hours later 10 people killed (Haaretz); Al-Jazeera now reports up to 16 people killed - By Israeli helicopter gunship and 'Elite' special forces - Trained psychopathic killers in other words - taking control of the 'Gaza Flotilla' in international waters.

Frankly, words fail me completely beyond:

To any objective observer capable of removing their 'Western Official Narrative' blinkers, Zionist Israel is an apartheid state worse than South Africa ever was; it possesses and maintains a nuclear arsenal in flagrant breach of international law by allowing NO IAEA inspections of its nuclear facilities and it has the unmitigated brass-necked gall to accuse Iran over its own compliant nuclear program.

In its dispossession of the Arab/Palestinian populations within its claimed borders, it has inflicted - and continues to inflict - fatalities in the order of 100 to 1,  whilst whining for sympathy with its claim that the gross imbalance of violence represents 'defending itself against terrorism'. The truth is it is 'defending itself' against a dispossessed destitute people whom it has left with NOTHING more to lose.

If there is ANY justice in this world Zionist Israel has just signed its own dissolution warrant.

Effing arrogant murderous bastards that they are.

Update:  Death toll now reported at over 20. Ship confirmed in international waters. Imagine if Iran had done something similar - we would be at war by now. Meanwhile the pusillanimous Zionist-fawning BBC pumps out its customary pap, trotting out 'official Israeli Spoksmen' one after another and covering an Israeli government press conference in full - they are WORSE than useless; they might just as well be under the control of the Zionist ministry of propaganda - come to think of it they quite probably are.

Update 2:  This from the the US
The one silver lining from these incidents is that the real face of Israel becomes increasingly revealed and undeniable.  Not even the most intense propaganda systems can prettify a lethal military attack on ships carrying civilians and humanitarian aid to people living in some of the most wretched and tragic conditions anywhere in the world.  It is crystal clear to anyone who looks what Israel has become, and the only question left is how will the rest of the world -- beginning with their American patrons -- will react.
Update 3:

Saddam's WMD found aboard Gaza Freedom flotilla !!!!

"This is either: awesomely, epically, tragicomically pathetic; or, it is a huge middle digit proudly erected and waved before the entire world." Richard Seymour - Lenin's Tomb

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