Monday, March 21, 2011

References to this blog

Since Google/Blogger seems to be the only blog-commenting authorisation mechanism that works seamlessly for me, I tend to use my 'Sabretache' persona quite often when commenting elsewhere around the internet.

So, as I am no longer posting to this blog, anyone wondering about the source of such comments beyond the historical content here, should have a quick look at WikiSpooks

Most of my time is spent on the WikiSpooks Project these days.


  1. Anonymous1:54 am

    Im loving the wikispooks Israel/911 page but I have one comlaint. The cemetary "incident" screams red herring,it is so out of place in the article. This "incident" should be taken off of the page as it only hurts the case that Israel was involved in 9/11. Please take the cemetary thing off, it comes off as sloppy disinfo meant to discredit all the good info on that page.

  2. Hey Tache, what's happening over at wikispooks? I do hope everything is okay. I hit it daily if for no other reason than to check your reading list. It's always worthy.

    Otherwise, I've been trying to get in touch with you for a while now, mostly by leaving messages at the comments at my place, but what with you not much given to idle gossip (and quite right too), I always seem to miss you.

    The thing is, how can I get in touch with you? I don't need your email necessarily (God forbid I should resemble an intelligence gatherer), but it'd be nice if there was some means to drop you a line. No doubt you do in fact have some idiot-proof way of doing this at wikispooks, but as you know making a thing idiot-proof is a tough gig what with idiots being so ingenious. And that would be me, ha ha. Anyway, wikispooks defeated my best endeavours to find a leave-a-comment thingy.

    Am I doing something wrong? How can I drop you a note? I have nothing earth shattering to say, just a how d'ye do. Still it'd be nice.

    Thanks mate, fingers crossed there's no strife at wikispooks, and talk to you later.



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