Friday, July 21, 2006

'Mr Fawlty - I no want to work here any more'

It seems His Toniness paid a visit to the Home Office yesterday.

After the comprehensive rubbishing dished out by ministers over recent months - for PUBLIC consumption, it was apparently deemed advisable that their new Boss's Boss give those who work there PRIVATE assurances that they were really jolly fine chaps 'n' chapesses and doing a grand job.

This from one of those obliged to listen to him (Courtesy of an anonymous comment to one of Guy Fawkes' postings):
".... the Glorious Tony came and gave a "morale-boosting" speech to us plebs in the Home Office today. It was exactly like Young Mr Grace from Are you Being Served telling us "you've all done very well".
Patronising crap in other words.

That 'Kipper and the Corpse' episode from Fawly Towers sprung to mind too

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