Friday, July 21, 2006

Dubya Stands for Dumb-Dumb - Bush attacks Merkel

When I first saw this picture a few days back, I thought it was a send-up. But it's not; it's the real thing. Don't recall seeing it in ANY of the UK MSM either. Now why IS that?

Taken together with that G8 open mike episode it is scary confirmation that the leader of the 'Free World' , with his finger on the trigger of the worlds largest nuclear arsenal and Commander-in-Chief of a military machine larger than the rest of the world combined, is a juvenile groper with a demeanor and IQ on a par with say - a Chimpanzee.

Here are a few links to check it out for yourself:

Bilde - Bush: "Liebes-Attacke auf Merkel!"
Crooks & Liars - "Presidential Groping"
Taylor Marsh - "Bush Gropes Gemany's Merkel"
Lindsay - "Bush Gropes Chancellor Merkel"
Full Transcript of G8 Open Mike incident
'Yo Blair' - How to address the Prime Minister

Looks like he and John Prescott would get on well together

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