Thursday, July 20, 2006

Should Prescotution be legalised?

I took some advice from Chicken Yoghurt and nipped over to Simon Carr's new site. Agreed, definately one for the regular visit blogroll. Among a welter of juicy snippets I found this little gem:
"But with Blair hinting that he’ll be around for next year’s G8, the DPM fears he’ll have to stay the course as well. This is all a nightmare for him. As long as he’s there the press will flog away at him. It’s not the peccadilloes that worry him. Having sex with your diary secretary with the door open and civil servants in the next room - that’s a John-is-John misdemeanour. But - hypothetical question - what if he’d pushed the career of someone whom he’d been Prescotuting? Down to getting the person into Parliament? Wouldn’t that count as infringing the Ministerial Code?" [My emphasis]
Written in the context of Rosie Winterton's 'Clearly, clearly clearly clearly' prefixes during her regular health questions performances

I feel a new neologism coming on

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