Friday, March 06, 2009

Brutal, but utterly hilarious.

The name 'Rick Santelli' will be familiar to anyone following the shenanigans in America over the Obama proposals on the economic meltdown. He is a resident CNBC 'reporter/analyst' at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. A talking head in other words and a guy imbued with the mores of the Pit Trader, augmented by a certain bombastic motor-mouth style.

Last week he made quite a name for himself by tearing into proposals to help domestic mortgage payers in danger of forclosure. He finished his piece with a loud, pointed and widely reported question that went 'President Obama, are you listening? '. Then, after agreeing to appear on MSNBC's 'The Daily Show' to further air his views with Jon Stewart, he quickly changed his mind and cancelled. BIG MISTAKE.

As Jason Linkins at Alternet puts it:
"So, lesson learned: do not cancel on The Daily Show. Or at least do not do whatever CNBC and/or Rick Santelli did, in the way they canceled on The Daily Show, because last night, Jon Stewart basically said, "I'll see your canceling on me and RAISE you a thorough evisceration of the faux-populist bilge you've been pumping and a complete blasting of your network's credibility."
This is a MUST Watch - Very VERY funny and right on the button.

OK - so it's the U.S, - but try substituting 'Northern Rock', 'RBS' and 'HBOS' for 'Bear Stearns', 'Lehman Bros' and 'Bank of America' and you've got a pretty good match for the UK too.

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