Saturday, November 17, 2007

Craig Murray Blacklisted ?

I was not in the least surprised to hear that Craig Murray seems to have become a sort of 'Black spot' character for the BBC and other main stream media.

In similar fashion to John Pilger and a few others, his habit of speaking truth to power is seen by the Establishment as dangerously subversive and threatening, and must therefore be dealt with accordingly. The comment I posted on Craig's blog was in danger of turning into an extended rant (as usual) so I thought I'd better cut it short and do the elaborating here instead:

I see Craig's experience as illustrative of the manner in which power in the UK deals with the sort of dissent that cannot be cowed by fear of its career consequences. There are certain unspoken but well defined boundaries for debate on pretty well all the major political issues. They encompass a globalised 'free'-trade world view with perpetual economic growth and 'progress' as its obligatory creed. The West is its embodiment with an over-arching narrative that tells of an alliance of progressive well-meaning but misunderstood and put-upon Nations (The Goodies) forced to defend themselves against aggressive reactionary forces of darkness that 'hate us for our freedom' and other such inanities (The Baddies). Step outside those boundaries in a manner judged threatening by and to the Establishment, and your card is marked accordingly. Craig's card has clearly been so marked.

The fount of real political power in the West is a Corporatocracy whose very existence is dependant upon such a world view. With honourable exceptions, its politicians, are either bought and paid for (or soon to be paid for "we promise") PR men (and thus eligible for high office and privy council status), or simpler-minded jobsworths, dependant upon their respective Parties for position and place (aka Sir Joseph Porter: 'I always voted at my party's call and I never thought of thinking for myself at all'). Speaking truth to power has become an infallible short cut to ending a career in UK politics. The MSM - especially the Murdoch press and the BBC - are the Corporatocracy's means of filtering and presenting news and current affairs for public consumption in a manner that is not only non-threatening, but that actively promotes this obligatory 'world view'.

Where dissent of the Craig Murray variety cannot be wholly ignored it is usually presented, either as the opinion of a lovable eccentric that can thus be safely indulged a little, or the rantings of a 'conspiracy theorist' (or other similar pejorative) to be ridiculed, hated or feared, depending upon context.

I wonder which of those roles Craig is being earmarked for?

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