Thursday, August 03, 2006

England in the minority again

Alice Thomson in today's Telegraph provides another illustration the bizarre effects of disproportionate Scottish representation in the Cabinet:
"Does it matter that the Cabinet has a disproportionate number of Scottish ministers and that the next prime minister is almost certain to be a Scot? It shouldn't. Most of the English want to continue to live in a united island and are prepared for the moment to accept the £1,400 per Scot per year financial subsidy that runs from south to north. But this week the English were given a graphic demonstration of how Scotland is using its increasing influence. Angry at the two US military planes that touched down at Prestwick on their way to carrying munitions to Israel, the Scottish complained. So the Secretary of State for Scotland (Douglas Alexander, Paisley) rang the English Foreign Secretary (Margaret Beckett, Derby South), who spoke to the Scottish Defence Secretary (Des Browne, Kilmarnock). The result was that future flights will be diverted to English airfields. They may not be forcing everyone to wear kilts yet, but it's one law for the Scots and another for the increasingly powerless majority south of the border."

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  1. Anonymous5:13 am

    Margaret Beckett is republican Irish mate.