Friday, August 04, 2006

The Cat's Cradle of Calamity - The Ministrone of Mayhem

Required reading over at Chicken Yoghurt

Apropos Blair's latest profound "Arc of Extremism" soundbite:
“It makes you wonder just what names got discarded in the obviously-nothing-better-to-do brainstorming session that came up with it. It’s hard to think of anything worse. The ‘cat’s cradle of calamity?’ ‘Trellis of terror?’ ‘Minestrone of mayhem?’”
Just a taster from Justin McKeating's laser accurate assement of the state-of-mind of our rapturing prime-minister as he sets off for his summer jollies in Barbados.

The embarrassing ghastliness of the man analysed with as much humour as possible given its seriousness.

This is also worth a read on the same subject.


  1. We all know what he is, and the very fact that is allowed to get away with what he has done and is doing just goes to show what a pile of shit this country has become.
    Incompetent lying scum in charge and a non existent opposition, this man really should be on trial for war crimes and corruption.
    We no longer live in a democracy, we need a republic with a written constitution to keep these filth in check, as much as I think the queen does the job of smiling at people to a high standard she is a waste of time constitutionally.
    if I ever bump into Camilla parker bowles windsor I will not be nodding my head and calling her ma'am.

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