Friday, July 07, 2006

Prescott can become curator of the Wilberforce museum

No need for yet another resume of the latest in the music hall farce that surrounds John Prescott. So here are few of the choicest offerings from UK bloggers:

Todays Guardian Comment is free by Simon Jenkins is one of the 'must-reads' including this from it's comments section:
"mds1: I think it unfair to link the names, albeit satirically, of the odious Prescott and John Profumo. Profumo ultimately had the decency to come clean and retire from public life dedicating his remaining years to 'good works'. Prescott, and all others of his ilk, with their snouts in the golden trough have no concept of honour and believe that shouting down their critics and resorting to hiding behind 'advice' given by their officials will ensure that they can continue to grub around in the swill they wallow in. I have been a Labour supporter for 40 years and have never been so sickened as I am today by the contempt with which the current leadership treat the principles of the labour movement. Prescott buddying up to some American plutocrat for whatever reason is a further nauseating example of the current leaderships' mass venality. Prescott will remain in his position as long as suits Blair & Brown. Why? If there were any honour left in public life, the man would resign to spend more time with his wife and family (poor Pauline)and Blair & Brown could get on with destroying whats left of the Labour Party without having him around to deflectattention away from their acts of mass destruction"

The following are worth a look too:

transcript of Humphries interview on Today Prog;

Chicken Yoghurt ;

Vented Spleen.

Hat-tip to Beau Bo D'or for both pictures

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