Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Animal rights activists admit attack on grandmother

From The Daily Mail:

Three animal rights activists launched a terrifying attack on a family, including a 75-year-old grandmother, for having a pro-hunting sticker on their car, a court heard yesterday. Heather Nicholson, Natasha Avery and Daniel Wadham jumped out of their car while stuck in a traffic jam to spit, scream abuse and bang on the windows of their victims. At one stage they hit a 75-year-old grandmother and tried to open the car doors to drag her 21-year-old grandson into the street. It was only the intervention of outraged members of the public that halted the attack. Avery and Nicholson, both 38, are founding members of the controversial group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) which has instigated the hate campaign against companies involved in animal testing. ......

... Mrs A tried to lock all her doors, but was unable to, and Nicholson launched another hate-filled rant screaming: 'F+++ing perverts, f+++ing scum.' Mrs A was 'in tears and shaking' as Avery shouted similar obscene abuse at the passenger window. Mrs Nicholson then reached in the passenger door to pull Mrs A's son out of the car by his legs - but he kicked to stop her. When the 75-year-old put her left arm out to help her grandson Nicholson hit her arm and Nicholson and Wadham spat in the 21-year-old's face and on the passenger door. Other motorists came to the rescue of the family with one driver shouting to the extremists: 'If you want to start, start on me,' before police arrived to arrest all three

Further confirmation that the animal rights terrorists His Toniness is now so keen to denounce are one and the same as those he spent 8 years pandering to over his hunting legislation farce.

This is EXACTLY the kind of behaviour that hunting people have had to put up with for a decade and more now - inflamed by a government that now professes outrage when it is directed at activities they have no choice but to support. Three of the four people convicted of desecrating the grave of a grandmother over the Newchurch Guinea pig farm protests had form as hunt saboteurs. These people are not animal lovers; they are people haters.


  1. I strongly suspect that it is only a matter of time before animal rights fanatics in this country kill someone. Directly I mean, not by stopping medical research.

  2. These people are not animal lovers; they are people haters.

    So true. They are just an extreme version of what all the green movement are. People are of no importance.