Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Guardian 'animal rights' blindness.

The Guardian newspaper has an 'ethical living section' where readers are asked to nominate individuals living ‘good lives’ who are ‘the people making a difference.’ Today the section features a woman called Kate Fowler who is described as an ‘animal rights campaigner’. She’s profiled here.

The impression conveyed is of a 'butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth' gentle individual living a selfless, ethical life. BUT IT IS PURE BULLSHIT! In fact Kate is a fairly typical example of the those on the nastier fringes of the animal rights movement. A stident, 'living-on-the-edge' extremist to whom animals 'matter', but people don't.

What the feature conspiculously fails to mention is her involvement in some of the most violent actions ever mounted against hunts in the South East of England and reported in - you've guessed it - the Guardian.

In fact she is a long-standing hunt saboteur. That's her pictured 'sabbing' in the South East back in 1996. She was also one of 23 people arrested during a violent attack on the Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent Hunt Kennels at Felbridge, Surrey in September 2000 - Guardian report here.

About three weeks ago, a colleague of mine nominated Laurie Pycroft the 16yr old Oxford youth who inspired medical researchers to stand up to animal rights terror, but for some reason he has never been featured. If developing life-saving medicines and fighting bullying and intimidation at no small risk to your own safety isn’t moral/ethical, I don’t know what is! But the Guardianistas, it seems, prefer people like our Kate.

So, if you would like to nominate someone or suggest that the Guardian’s sympathies are misplaced, they can be contacted here .

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