Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Conspiracy Theories & Highway Robbery

No real need of a plug from me but Guido Fawkes has a 'must read' piece on the cosy consensus developing at Westminster on public funding for political parties.

Just who the hell do these people think they are? Some kind of necessary public service?

Fact is that santimonious, patronising self-importance allied to the corrupt fund-raising practices of the entire political class has finally come home to roost. They can't raise enough money for their grandiose 'let's humour the gullible electorate' spin machines through membership subscriptions, so now they intend to dip their grubby little mits into the public purse. And if that sounds a bit harsh, they should ask themselves just why it is that public respect for the political classes is at an all-time low - and falling. Do they REALLY think that will be reversed by forcing people to keep them afloat.

Oh - and by-the-way they, the big ones that have already majored in corrupt fund-raising, will decide which minority parties are deserving of public largess - the politically incorrect ones need not apply.

So! - Who said crime doesn't pay?

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