Thursday, June 10, 2010

Schadenfreude anyone?

The slick, touchy-feely, glossy PR face of BP bites it on the backside.

 - For those with teeny-weeny screens, the tee-shirt strap line reads:
"We're bringing oil to American Shores"
Hmmm - aren't they just?

Seriously though - If the western world is to maintain its existing "non-negotiable" lifestyle for another 10-15 years or so - let alone there being the remotest prospect of 'making poverty history' by having others aspire to similar profligacy - then deep water drilling such as has produced the still unfolding catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico will have to be dramatically increased.

Consider the inevitable consequences and weep.

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  1. Anonymous6:20 pm

    "We're bringing oil to American Shores"

    The other day travelling cross country I saw a BP t-shirt, yet I don't recall ever seeing one before. Perhaps their global HQ's are under orders to give away freebees?

    In the US, I suggest in addition to the t-shirts, a bottle of a good surfactant be included.