Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yad Va Shame on You!

"Holocaust studies is an emerging pseudo intellectual, academic trend. It basically allows rabid Zionists to elevate their discussions on ‘what is really wrong with the goyim’ into a university qualification."

Another typically 'on-the-button' observation from the Jewish jazz musician Gilad Azmon in his latest piece on 'Dissident Voice' subtitled: "Debunking Antisemitism Studies and Yehuda Bauer in Particular". The piece continues:
Anti-Semitism Studies has the potential to be a valuable field of research if it could, for example, elaborate and scrutinize Jewish culture and history in an attempt to grasp what it is that evokes anti Jewish feeling. It could try to establish if there is a Jewish ideological, political or cultural pattern that may be amended. In fact, early Zionists1 tried to dwell on the subject. They tried to diagnose the ‘cause’ of Anti-Semitsm so that they might learn why it invariably and repeatedly matured into host cultures regarding Jews as a parasitic force. Early Zionists insisted that Aliya would bring about a new productive, ethical and civilized new Jew.
However, contemporary Anti-Semitism scholars have a very different agenda in mind. They build their research on the axiom that Jews are categorically innocent. They then try to understand why the Goyim behave immorally and even murderously. But here is a clear embarrassing catch: considering humanity is comprised of Goyim, Anti-Semitism scholars who attempt to grasp ‘what is wrong with the Goyim’ actually ask ‘what is wrong with humanity?’ This is in fact a legitimate question, unless we leave one conspicuous group out.
As things stand, in the new Judeo-centric ‘academic’ field namely ‘Anti-Semitism studies,’ a Zionist is there to review the Goy as a pathological case. This is slightly odd to say the least. It is even peculiar that such departments exist in Yale and at a London University. However, since academic institutes thrive on corporate donations and other funding sources, we can no longer expect the academic world to lead intellectual discourse or even commit itself to any form of ethical integrity.
Telling stuff eh? and the whole piece really is worth the read time - as is pretty well all the output from Mr Azmon.

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