Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Congressional oversight of the Fed? - It's non-existent.

Elizabeth Coleman worked for 20 years in the Office of the Inspector General of the US Federal Reserve Bank before becoming Inspector General herself. She's no Rookie in other words. In that capacity she was questioned at a the House Oversight Committee session by - among others - Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) about the Fed's dispersal of bailout monies.

Just watch this amazing exchange.

A revelation eh? - or perhaps not to those who clearly understand just how crooked the whole system is. As a perceptive contributor to a list I follow observed:
"Even tricky Dickie Nixon was never as obviously corrupt in his stonewalling. It couldn't be more clear that the Federal Reserve is hiding trillions of dollars of corrupt off-balance-sheet gaming and providing funds for corrupt institutions somewhere. this is not a comedy, nor incompetence. This lady has worked 20 years in the office of inspector general of the fed. She has been told to say absolutely nothing. I think she does a terrible job of it. A smarter actor might have sounded like they were going to do something or had some information. But it's pretty clear that the Congress doesn't want to point out the corruption and cans of worms at the fed cause they're all in it together. Scumbags!"

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