Monday, March 02, 2009

Winning hearts and minds the American way

The foul-mouthed pig ignorance of the US Imperial soldier. Every nth word F*** and women are used to insult men as 'f-ing women' & 'pussies'. Anyone think he isn't fairly typical of the breed? This guy is The Boss. He clearly sees himself as a big heroic hard man - out to teach these stupid f-ing' Rag-heads the superiority of the 'America Way'; to make sure they know all about the sacrifices he's making for them and how superior he is. He'll take ANY of them on - ANYtime so he will. And they can't even pronounce the name of their own country properly either! - it's f-ing EYE-RACK doncha know?

He reminds me of that boasting, loud-mouthed British Army Corporal in the 1959 film 'North West Frontier' during the part where the train comes under sustained attack by mounted 'insurgents' (that word again). His loud mouth deserts him and when it's over he's found cowering in the bog. Likewise with this guy. He's just sooo full of himself. Makes you wonder how he'd really behave in a genuine one-to-one without all that whiz-bang technology - probably shit himself and run.

Hat-tip to Lenins Tomb and Dennis Perrin

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