Monday, March 23, 2009

NEWSPEAK.... or 'Freedom NEXT Time'.

I have not bought a newspaper for nearly 7 years. Similarly, I no longer tune into mainstream television or radio news programs for anything other than to monitor the preoccupations, biases and agenda's du jour of their respective editors and journalists. I nevertheless know that I am far, far better informed about current affairs and the epoch-defining issues of the age than at any time in my entire life.

How so?

My 'profile' describes something of the process that led to this 'boycott', the reasons for which can be summarised quite simply: The mainstream media is the home of 'professional journalism' and 'professional journalism' is, by definition, dominated by 'Official Sources'. That may seem paradoxical if you are a simple soul who believes in the basic good intentions of government, politicians and the establishment elites. But, in reality there is no paradox, just a highly developed system designed to ensure self-censorship (some would say 'wilful blindness') by 'professional' journalists - often unwitting and always vehemently denied - if they are to become 'successful' and perhaps eligible for an editorship or the Gong that will crown their 'success'.

Speaking truth to (or about) power, in other words, is dangerous.

Media Lens is an organisation dedicated to this issue. It is one of very few that I am prepared to support financially and their latest Media Alert - SELECTIVE VISION: IRAN, ISRAEL AND NUCLEAR ARMS is a MUST READ for insight into the insidiousness of MSM reporting bias on Israel, Iran and the Nuclear proliferation issue.

Likewise, this video of a talk by John Pilger is a cogent explanation of just how appallingly subservient, sanctimonious and self-satisfied Western news reporting has become. It was given as a promotional talk for his book 'Freedom Next Time' which I heartily recommend. In fact I defy any UK citizen to read (and honestly digest) its first chapter about the treatment of the Chagos Islanders by successive governments of both political parties and still profess pride in their 'Britishness'. The fundamental question must be: "Precisely how did (and do) the Chagos Islanders differ from the Falkland Islanders?" - The answer is very difficult and painful to arrive at honestly.


  1. Hi Sab.

    Glad your posting more often. I usually see your gems on Craig Murray's site.

    I adopt a similar stance w.r.t. MSM inc.
    I check BBC newz to find out where the stories are brewing then go elsewhere to get some decent analysis.

    I also scan BBC a lot to record their rubbish and time permitting, blog in protest against it.

    Pilger is my fave journalist worthy of the name. I too support Media Lens and ICH, and that talk at world socialist forum was superb. For a long time now, I've held a dream that I would serve as an apprentice to JP. Aaaah. Dreams.

    P.S. I followed the plight of the Chagossians and it is a total disgrace that they at every twist and turn they have denied their homelands. The parallel with Palestine is striking.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I guess I'll have to try a bit of discipline - say a post per week or something like that.

    Pilger is a star. One of VERY few who have managed to earn a reasonable living by telling it as it is. Most who embark on his path become weary of the obstacles. The need to earn a living inevitably involves accommodation with the system and in varying degrees they are co-opted by it. I find Media Lens brilliant at exposing the syndrome and I can't wait for their new book - ‘Newspeak in the 21st Century’ - due out in September.