Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US bases surrounding Iran

A picture worth a thousand words.

Add to that at least two nuclear armed carrier groups permanently on station and regularly navigating Iranian waters to enter the Gulf; a nuclear armed Israel which, unlike Iran operates entirely outside the terms of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (with full Western connivance); Constant bellicose rhetoric from the US threatening military attack.

Is it any wonder Iran is a bit paranoid?


  1. Anonymous10:08 pm

    I don't dispute the thrust of the post, but I don't think there is a US base in Uzbekistan any more.

    this is what I uderstood of it...

    Cream-off(the countries wealth) 'switched' sides to the Yanks who paid him a lot of money. However after that he switched sides again (perhaps he spent it all on US torture chambers and the US wouldn't pay up any more).

    Creem-off is one of Putins buddies again.

  2. I agree with lwt247, I don't think the Usbek base is still yankee - it's the reason I posted here for the first time.

    Still, good article.

    I remember being in the Sov Union one time and buying a 'Russian' map.

    This showed 'Russia' at the centre - completely surrounded by enemies.

    This contrasted with the normal W&AC Johnstone map I had been brought up with in school - one which showed O long at Greenwich and 30 odd % as being empire.