Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Blairs and those pesky neighbours

Could news that the Blairs are house hunting again have any connection to a certain lack of affinity with their Connaught Square neighbours pictured here?

Not only is Connaught square smack in the middle of London's most Arab of neighbourhoods, whose occupants are likely to have a pretty jaundiced view of Tony's efforts on their behalf, but it seems that they have ignored a string of invitations from the Connaught Square Squirrel Hunt to attend its meets. Joint Master Duncan Macpherson is perplexed
"The Blairs would enjoy the exercise, companionship and honest exchange of views"
he says.

However, the invitation does NOT extend to the annual Hunt Ball at Banqueting House.
In Duncan's words:
"The Blairs would certainly add a degree of tawdry glamour to the occasion, but the Security Service would have to background check our guests and I'd be disappointed if half of them didn't have something to hide. Also, the presence of so many loaded guns in the hands of non-country folk would make people a bit twitchy."
- Quite so.

So what of their reported viewing of a certain Buckinghamshire Country Pile as a prospective alternative home?

Oh dear. It seems there is just no escape from pesky neighbour problems. Winslow Hall has a long established tradition of hosting the Bicester and Whaddon Chase Hunt Boxing Day meet. Having the Blairs as neighbours may be just about bearable - maybe. But another dose of sanctimonious Blairite tradition trampling over what is one of the local 'events of the year' ???


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