Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sixth Anniversary of 9/11

Expect wall-to-wall coverage of the events of September 11th 2001 on this the sixth anniversary.

But among all the reports of silences observed, loved ones mourned and bravery recognised, do not expect to hear ANY criticism or questioning of the official narrative of those events. An official narrative so riddled with inconsistencies and persistently, perversely, unanswered questions, as to render its credibility on a par with the wackiest of 'Conspiracy theories'.

And what of the resulting 'War on Terror'? And those inane, infantile sound-bites trotted out in its justification?
And many many more in similar vein?

This video sums up my feelings about latter-day America (and its British poodle) - and the narrative of the US leading an alliance of good western nations against the forces of evil in the world. The reality is that we are so self-obsessed, self-righteous and blinded by the hubris of Empire (British one lost and US one in progress) - that too many of us actually believe we have some God-given duty to require the rest of the world to see things our way - OR ELSE !!

As for questioning the official narrative of ANYTHING - forget it. After all, the State is our protector and would never do anything that was not in the best interests of its Sheeple - now would it?

( Hat-tip to Vidiot )


  1. Anonymous5:27 pm


    In the video, there appears to be a high school shooting incident. Do you know if it's the Columbine shooting? I've never seen that clip before.

    It appears about 53s-103s

  2. Sorry. Can't help. The video was on YouTube originally but has been removed with the message 3rd party copyright dispute. So I've re-posted my downloaded copy because I find the song video combination so haunting. It captures the mood of vast numbers of people outside the US - inside too I guess.

  3. Sab, It seems that footage was from a dramatised recreation of Columbine - not mening Columbine was short on drame, but you know what I mean.

    P.S. Re: Columbine, have to seen this: judicial-inc.biz/columbine_killers.htm

    What's your take on it?

  4. Google have blocked that video again - I'll have to try putting it somewhere else if I can figure out where and how.

    Interesting site - but there's so much stuff out there and so little time to make sense of it all.

  5. Anonymous12:03 pm

    "there's so much stuff out there and so little time to make sense of it all." - I'd agree