Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Take that look off your face

His Toniness' departure prompted memory of this masterpiece

The full ghastliness of the man in just a minute and a half of video. It was done as a party political advertisment by the Conservative Party and shown in cinemas in the South East in the run up to the 2005 general election. Note in particular the
"This is not a day for soundbites ....."
hesitate, hesitate, lower lip tremble then, the daddy of all 'sound-bites':
".... But we feel the hand of history on our shoulders"
The Royal "we" being characteristic too.

The Marti Webb/Andrew Lloyd Webber song is impressive though.

To think that a majority of voter (except in England in 2005) voted for the man in 3 successive general elections. Frankly with a track record like that, this country deserves all that's coming to it.


  1. 'Are you thinking what we're thinking?' The answer was, of course 'no'.

    To blame the electorate for making what was effectively the only choice available to them, there being no credible alternative (other than to spoil one's ballot paper, as Gruff did), is unfair. The Conservative party rendered itself unfit to govern long before it was ejected from the government benches and has been unable to rebuild itself since. The appalling state of our country, England, is due in large part to the inability of the Conservatives to offer any serious opposition to the tartan tinted criminals working to consign the English to the dustbin of history.

    When the Conservatives are mature enough to accept that they are unlikely ever to have a mandate to govern outside England and concern themselves more with the fate of England and less with the future of the 'union' they are more likely to be given one by the people of England.

    Until then the answer to the question will, in all probability, again be 'no'.

  2. Couldn't have put it better myself. Absolutely spot-on. Even if only because, in large measure, the UK electorate (both English and the rest) doesn't do much real 'thinking' at all these days - at least the Lumpen Electoriat that call the electoral shots doesn't. It is trapped in a shallow, selfish, consumerist, faux-culture spoon-fed by vast 'consumer products' interests, and bureoning State dependency. It sees itself at the apex of the new 21 century religion of 'Progress', which I fear (if that's the right word) is about to come crashing down in one God-Almighty mess.

    Thanks for the comment though. Maybe I'll start posting a bit more.

  3. Your assessment of the 'lumpen' is also spot on, and one with which I concur.