Friday, July 28, 2006

Six Fallacies of the Israeli-Hizbollah Campaign.

I've just come across this interesting analysis of the Middle East situation by Tony Karon, on his 'Rootless Cosmopolitan' site.

The tendency for outrage to dictate side-taking and to see the Middle East in Black/White terms is firmly entrenched in the West. This analysis by an American with a Jewish background is refreshing for it's steadfast refusal to do that.

The only thing I would take issue with is his suggestion that Ariel Sharon's analysis and policy formulations were predicated in part on the assumption that the price of oil was bound to fall in the medium term. In my opinion, a better explanation of what he describes as following from that is that Sharon, in company with all Western Establishments, fully understood the implications of a looming world peak in oil production. He could see that it makes continued access to what remains of the worlds oil endowment fundamental and non-negotiable for the US. It is that simple fact that explains much about the West's continuing interference in the Middle East.

It also explains why Israel can rely on US/Western support - covert or otherwise - no matter what.

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