Friday, July 07, 2006

Murder in Samarkand - or the British governments complicity in torture.

Craig Murray was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002-2004. He was systematically vilified and subjected to various F&CO dirty tricks sanctioned by Jack Straw before being recalled from his post and suspended pending ... this that and the other etc etc. All for insisting on bringing to HMG's attention the systematic use of torture by the Uzbek authorities to obtain information for supply to the UK and US security services in the 'war on terror'. He was effectively forced to resign and went on to write a book - "Murder in Samarkand" - about his experiences. It was finally published yesterday. He was forced to leave out all the referenced supporting documents from the book on threat of an injunction preventing its publication. He therefore published them on his web site to get around the legal techicality requiring him to 'profit from them' for a prosecution to succeed.

So - go and have a look at his site while you still can. They make for VERY sobering and revealing reading. They are in fact now mirrored on two sites, one in the US and one in the UK and the more people who read and disseminate them, the more difficult it will become for the government goons to keep the lid on this.

The book is available from Amazon

Update: As of today, Craig Murray is threatened with further legal action if he does not remove the documents from his site forthwith. Having conceded that the Official Secrets Act does not apply (the documents having been released under the FOIA) they are still allegedly 'Crown Copyright' you see, and we can't have crown copyright documents being distributed freely now can we? - despite having been supplied under the 'Freedom of Information Act'! How's THAT for a bit of non-sequitur nonesense?

This is the latest threat from the F&CO solicitors

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