Monday, July 17, 2006

The Kafkaesque world of 'punishment' for public sector wrongdoing

"Met faces unlimited fine over Tube shooting" - Times Online

It's reported today that no individual police officer is to be prosecuted over the Charles De Menezes shooting but that the Metroploitan police WILL face prosecution under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. If found guilty the Force faces an 'unlimited fine'.

WOW - sounds impressive doesn't it? But hold on a minute! Who will pay the fine?

No matter which headings record the resulting government ledger credit/debit transaction, fact is it won't be Sir Ian Blair and his trigger-happy band of incompetents who will be footing the bill; It will be the poor bloody taxpayer as usual.

Some 'punishment' eh?


  1. You fail to understand. Last week Lord Levy (he who raised the funds to get Tony Blair into office and keep him there) was kidnapped by the Metropolitan Police. It was called an arrest, but it shook the shit out of the Establishment.

    The deal was between Blair and Sir Ian Blair.

    Lay off charging my men with murder /manslaughter and my men will lay off the cash for coronets.

    This had been on the table for some time and it was the kidnapping last week that made people realise that Sir Ian was not bluffing. hence the kacky pants down at Downing Street. headless chicken time in the Bunker.

    Now today we find that the Crown Prosecution Service, (headed by a man who was in the Matrix legal chambers once occupied by Tony Blair and also now by his wife Cherie) examined the case, and had the case re-examined by an independent barrister - who Zut Alors! was also a barrister from the Matrix Chambers.

    Zut more Alors - no charges except wrists slapped and silly fines paid by inserting the hand into one of the pockets of the State and placing the money in another pocket - and probably if they plead guilty to any of that messy business with witnesses, cross examination etc.,

    You may confidently expect that the whole cash for coronets scandal (practised for aeons by all political parties) will , exposed to wonderful summer sunshine trickle away into the sand.

    No Alice in Wonderland - No Alice Through the Looking Glass - raw nasty down and dirty politics with a dash of what Benjamin Franklin also knew about - Masonry and the Faustian bargains made thereby.

    Tony is however not out of the rough yet and John Reid is waiting in the wings.


  2. Postman - I love it!

    Not 'pinch-of-salt' stuff either; but the stuff of those dishonest enough to achieve real power and determined enough to hang on to it.