Saturday, July 22, 2006

First anniversary of the Brutal Execution of Jean Charles De Menezes

Today is the anniversary of the death of the young Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, executed with 7 shots to the head at point-blank range by the Metropolitan police at Stockwell tube station whilst going about his business.

If the statements of both the Met and politicians to date are anything to go by, NOTHING has been learned from the tragedy and no individual is to blame, or will face prosecution.

What a TOTAL TRAVESTY. Whipped up fear of terrorism used to justify the most draconian legislative measures ever seen in this country and leading to a climate of panicked over-reaction to every suspected 'security risk'. Result: Summary public execution being regarded as a legitimate police tactic.

If there are no SERIOUS consequences for individual police officers for this type of trigger happy bungling, then it WILL happen again. Human nature being what it is, if they KNOW they can get away with it, they WILL get away with it.

There is to be a vigil at Stockwell tube station today


  1. I was worried that the individuals who did the shooting would be hung out to dry, whilst those who stupidity set the whole thing up, would get away with it.

    I failed to see the reality of Blair's Britain. They all got away with it.

  2. Nice to hear from you serf.

    From what I can glean from the leaks, the three firearms officers entered Stockwell Tube Station with unambiguous instuctions that they were about to confront a suicide bomber intent on his mission and that the 'Kratos' shoot-to-kill rules were in operation.

    The whole sorry incompetent series of botched communications that led to those instruction is symptomatic of Corporal Jones type panic and those still unpublished 'Kratos' rules remain in operation. It really would be like something out of 'Dad's Army' if it weren't so tragically and deadly serious - and NOBODY is to blame it seems.

    We can expect more of the same. After all, when did the police ever shoot a guilty man?

  3. Llwyd4:26 pm

    No sure about "unambiguous instuctions" but it certainly looks like the firearms officers believed on the basis of information through their chain of command that they were about to confront a suicide bomber intent on his mission and that the 'Kratos' shoot-to-kill rules were in operation.
    But what about the copper who allegedly falsified the log; and what about the officers up the chain who failed to verify and failed to inform them that identity was not, repeat NOT, confirmed.

  4. Hi llwd.

    I think the fundamental issue is that, if there are no SERIOUS consequences for individual police officers somewhere in the chain of command - and the higher the better - when monumental cock-ups involving shooting people occur, then it is inevitable that they will continue to occur. Experience to date means they KNOW they will 'get away with it'. They did with the chair-leg incident, they did at Forest Gate and they did over that recent Stoke-on-Trent shooting involving the toy gun. They ALWAYS get away with it. Moral? Don't go anywhere near a copper with a gun - They seem to think they're bloody Rambo and they know there will be no consequences if they say 'we believed we were in a life-threatening situation' - makes them very dangerous people. I certainly don't feel 'protected by them.

  5. Anonymous4:08 pm


    I can not believe what I 'm hearing or seeing for that matter. One policeman pins him down whilst another fires 7 point blank shots into the back of his head.

  6. Anonymous4:20 pm


    Officers C2 & C12, we hope you can sleep at night with a clear conscious. A FUCKING DISGRACE