Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Craig Murray - Latest

Craig Murray has had to concede 'Force Majeure' and remove some of the disputed documents from his site under threat of having to defend ruinously expensive legal action for breach of Crown Copyright. Unless someone DOES come up with funding to defend HMG allegation then the 'Freedom of Information Act' is not worth the paper is is written on. Reason? At the whim of HMG, for whatever purpose they deem expedient, any piece of government sourced material including documents "released" under the FOIA will require specific permission from HMG to be published free of the arbitrary threat of legal action for breach of Crown Copyright.

What a load of total shysters this apology for a government is. And what's the betting that the political opposition and MSM just meekly accept it?

Here's what Craig has to say about it:

New Labour are not as stupid as they seem. I have now had a chance to take legal advice, and that advice is as follows. To defend this case would cost the price of a London house. I don't have a house, in London or anywhere else. I am therefore obliged to give in to force majeure and remove some of the documents from my own site. This reeking government is therefore able to mask its stink on this particular miniscule corner of the internet.

Here is another piece of legal advice I received. Copyright cases cover one instance of publication in one place. Anyone else who has published any government documents that might be Crown Copyright, or not, (and I believe there are hundreds of thousands of documents on the web on which the government could, by the argument in Mr Buttrill's letter, claim copyright), is an individual case and can wait to hear from Mr Buttrill.

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