Sunday, July 02, 2006

The cost of telling the truth in Police State Britain

The Times reports that ITV, to their considerable credit, are to broadcast an interview with Lana Vandenberge, the IPCC employee who first revealed the catalogue of police lies following the fatal shooting of Charles De Menezes in July 2005.

The Times report is a brief prelude to an article that appeared in The Guardian on 25th May by Neil Garrett, the ITV News producer who first broke the story and was also arrested and held for 8 hours for his pains. Why is there an apparent total lack of concern about this sort of police behaviour in defence of their own mendacity?

"THE whistleblower who leaked information about the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes to a television journalist has described how she was treated as “the worst kind of criminal” by police. Lana Vandenberghe, who worked for the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said that ten officers broke down her front door in a dawn raid. She was placed in a cell without food or access to a lawyer for eight hours by bullying officers who told her that she would go to prison."

Elswhere in the same Times edition we are told that Bruiser Reid is to introduce a new law (yes another one - more legislations should do the trick eh?) to "Punish Whistle-Blowers". Can't have honest people telling incovenient truths about the official secrets lies of our rulers and enforcers now can we?

And we are STILL waiting for that official report into the De Menezes shooting. We had assurances by ministers that it would be made public. It was completed and passed to the police and HMG before easter. So where is it?

Update 4th July: OOPS - that Times report was dated 8th May! - no change to content needed though.

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