Friday, June 30, 2006

YOB problem? - Call The Respect Squad

Have look at this over at Chicken Yoghurt. It's hilarious.

This is a serious government initiative; and you just couldn't make it up. Honest!

Talk about 'Gotham City! - Just hand them a potential ASBO case (Use the Red telephone!!) and the 'Respect Squad' swings into action; a 'Mission Squad' is appointed and wham! - hoodies better run.

Visions of Squad Leader Alex Rhind and her 'Nuisance Strategist' Bill Pitt leaping into their 'Respectmobile' and zooming off to deal with the baddies.

Honest. It's all there on their very own web site - all linked from Chicken Yoghurt

Rory Bremner - Russ Abbot - Bian Conley ---- Get busy.
Update: 7th July
From Beau Bo D'or - The 'Respect Squad' tooled up for a mission

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