Saturday, June 10, 2006

What should they know of England who only England know?

Charles Moore writes in the Telegraph about the resurgence of 'Englishness' on the occasion of the annual review of the Chelsea Pensioners. Some stirring thoughts as in:

"There is a sense in our culture that such English character is under threat, through a collective educational, social and governmental scorning of our identity. So, although I am not interested in football, I am glad that so many people want to fly the flag of St George, and I share the pleasure in doing so that comes from sensing that puritans, bureaucrats and schoolteachers rather disapprove of it.

The rediscovery of Englishness is beginning, and it derives from its persecution - in an unfair devolution settlement, in a global "anti-racist" culture that makes Englishmen the only people allowed by Hollywood to be villains, in immigration which is out of control, a broken education system and a Labour Government that is more hostile to our English past than any of its predecessors".

Unfortunately he goes on to spoil it with a long and convoluted warning of alleged potential dangers by comparing it with resurgant German nationalism under Hitler. And further claiming 'Britishness' to be the allegiance which will save us from this danger.

Oh dear.

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