Tuesday, June 27, 2006

See you, Murray - at Wimbledon

Tempted to cheer for Andy Murray at Wimbledon this year?

Thought so. We're such softees, we English aren't we?

But just remember that young Andy seems to belong to that chippy, resentful category of Scots - all too common now they have their own Parliament and rule much of England too - the "ANYONEBUTENGLAND" category.

As Richard Littlejohn in the Mail on Sunday puts it "I do hope Murray won't be too disappointed if English tennis fans decide to support whichever foreign star he comes up against at Wimbledon."


  1. Not Trinidadian or Ecuadorian players we can cheer for?

  2. I guess the post was intended as a little light-hearted. I don't wish him any ill. On the other hand, I did find myself rooting for Massau in yesterday's match - though the bulk of the crowd was behind him. He'd better be careful what he says though (his mother did try to play it all down yesterday so maybe he'll get the message). Otherwise he could just find that Wimbledon crowd giving him a hard time.

  3. Anonymous12:12 pm

    i've read on a few blogs, ''be careful what you say, we dont want to get a reputation like the scots.'' (or something like that)
    i must say i had to laugh, i mean you wouldnt want to tarnish that already impecable reputation of drunkeness and hooliganism that you have at the moment. and you DEFINATELY wouldnt want your fans to be like the, heaven forbid, the tartan army, who get nothing but praise everywhere they go. god no! that would be awful. lol
    really though, stop taking the ''anyone but england'' complex that we scots suffer from so seriously, its sport, nothing more, the few mindless (although well publicised) attacks on english fans are inexcusable, but its not as if certain elements of the english community are welcoming to scots. (i speak from experience) all im saying is that it cuts both ways.