Sunday, June 11, 2006

More on the Menenez and Forest Gate shootings

More on the Forest Gate and Stockwell Tube police shootings from The Observer and News of the World which has published leaked extracts from the Stockwell report - originally scheduled for publication back in April.

On the Stockwell tube shooting:

The leaked report details a catalogue of police blunders, including failing to pass on alerts from the undercover team that they were tailing an innocent man. It also suggests that there was a delay of five hours in deploying a specialist firearms unit that could have taken de Menezes alive.
And the Lawyer for the Forest Gate family said:
"..the officers failed to give a warning during the raid and did not identify themselves as police. The family thought they were armed robbers wearing helmets with their visors pulled down. Nobody identified themselves as police as they stormed in wearing terrifying black hoods and started bashing them over the head."
One of the Blairs will lose his job over this -trouble is it will arguably be the wrong one. Such bungling is a direct and predictable result of the politicisation of most public services in response to New Labour spin and the climate of fear/cover-your-own-back-first, that it has produced.

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