Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lammy to the slaughter as minister attones for rural slur

From the Sunday Times Atticus column:

"Culture minister David Lammy will be enjoying plenty of fine country fare next month: namely, several large slices of humble pie. Lammy is off on a tour of the countryside to atone for an ill-advised speech at the Labour conference last year in which he referred to rural folk as “inbred”.

Luckily for Lammy, his remarks to the Fabian Society were overshadowed by the eviction of 82-year-old Walter Wolfgang from the conference hall. But they did not escape the attention of the Countryside Alliance. After an angry exchange of letters, Lammy has apologised “unreservedly” and has agreed to slip into his government-issue green wellies for an instructive tour."

What he actually said was that all members of the Countryside Alliance looked alike, as a result of inbreeding. (I wonder what would happen to anyone saying something similar about - coloured people say?) The remarks were made at a Fabian Society fringe meeting. He clearly didn't realise that CA Chairman John Jackson, a lifelong member of the Fabian Society was in attendance. And of course he was only parroting the routine insults of many Labour delegates (commonly known as ingratiating yourself). For the second year running they had vandalised the CA stand in the conference exhibition area and hurled routine foul-mouthed abuse at those manning the stand.

His notoriety increased again recently with his "ICONS of England" initiative.

With any luck he'll learn a little about real breeding during his forthcoming tour - especially if he can steel himself to visit a - a -a horror-of-horrors! - a HUNT KENNELS; but I suppose that would be asking just toooo much,

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