Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hazel Blears - off on another planet

Tony Blair's newly appointed (much to Gordon Broon's chagrin) 'Chair' of the Labour Party with the irritating Anthea Turner-like manner and overall appearance that has landed her with the affectionate title of 'Squirrel Nutkin', demonstrates her grasp of reality. In last Thursday's Guardian she writes:

“The BBC's adaptation of The Line of Beauty is a reminder of the Tories in government: arrogant, decadent and elititist "
OK, we see the point she is struggling with, but as Jasper Garrard puts it in today's Sunday Times:

"for a senior Labourite to dare peddle such a critique at this time is, well, nutty."

Quite! But the sad thing is, she clearly has no idea just how nutty!

Touching isn't it?

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