Sunday, May 28, 2006

Good for Kate Hoey - Again.

Nice to see Kate pitching in on what the hunting community has been saying for years.

Tony Blair's new found anger and indignation at the terrorist activities of the animal rights movement are a bit late in the day - not to say the height of hypocrisy (so what else is new?). Hunting people have been on the receiving end of 'animal rights' terrorism for years. Two of the people recently sentenced to long prison terms for grave desecration to 'save' guinea pigs cut their teeth as hunt saboteurs. Grave desecration has long been an acceptable form of 'activism' for these people, which should tell you all you need to know about them: The graves of both John Peel ( d'ya ken John Peel ) in Cumbria and the 7th Duke of Beaufort were both desecrated by hunt 'protesters' subsequently involved in the 'Guinea pig farm protests' .

Tony Blair pandered to them when it suited him - and when there was money on offer (£1.25 million in Labour Party donations up to the 1997 election). Now, when he senses public outrage he changes sides. The man is a charlatan

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